Hardware: 486 or faster
Operating system: Linux with kernel 2.0 or newer
Software: perl + libwww-perl for the scripts to work


WeekTops & lastweektops, section support, up/down
Monthtops, section support, upload/download

Allusertops, section support, upload/download

Grouptops, section support, upload
Dupechecker/undupe command
Extented sysop features, useraddings within the daemon, maintaining ident@ips, comment field, removing and readding users, setting credits and changing ratios to all sections.
Setting levels for most commands
Extented groupsysop features, useraddings within the daemon to specific group, maintaining ident@ips, comment field, removing and readding users.

Adding groupsysops with #groupsize and #leechusers

Sections support, section paths: different ratios, credits, tops for all sections. Possibility to put share credits flag up.
zip, rar, crc32, sfv checking
Users can change their own passwords
Min download speed limit

Ban/unban filemasks Make/fill requests.

Logins per user variable
Nuke/Unnuke commands Public/private groups
Private group dirs
Send messages to users
Quietmode flag to supress ascii output thus making moving faster
Weeklimit xfer variable
mp3_ID3 -> FILE_ID.DIZ converter
bouncer support with possibility to use ssh-pipes
restarter counter and tops
alias-dir support



What is Gftpd? In the beginning of 1997 I got tired of xftpd's lack of features. After testing bftpd, I noticed that it had millions of bug's, so I decided to code a whole better daemon that is based on bftpd, wuftpd, xftpd and pheard. First I made a huge amount of bug-fixes, and after that started to desing a new features that hasn't been done yet. I've also taken ideas from many supporting people that have been testing the daemon. And also other daemons such as rftpd, ftp4all, eftpd, glftpd, etc. have given me some new ideas. If you are Win95/98/w2k/NT user then you should check WarFtpd and

In the fall of 1997 the daemon has gotten very stable and enjoyable to use. And the amount of request to use the daemon has risen dramaticly. So I gave permission to use the daemon on a few selected places. And the feedback has been very good. Both the users and admins have liked the features, and the suggestions for the features to daemon have made it interesting to continue devoloping the daemon.

The documentation for gftpd has been rather non-existant, so I desided to make WWW-pages that has documentation and helps to use daemon's features better. Some people are saying that this is the best linux ftp daemon around, and some people hate it. I don't know, make up your own mind.