Installing docs

Installing gftpd is pretty simple. I included an archive of what is in the data-path called (.ftp-data) that contains most of the stuff that must be copied to root-directory (/.ftp-data). (Download

cp -r .ftp-data /

new gets the newest in.gftpd binary from server.


All you do now is place following line in /etc/services
gftpd <site_port_number>/tcp

and this line in /etc/inetd.conf
gftpd stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd /.ftp-data/bin/in.gftpd

add line to /etc/shells:

and make a file /etc/ftponly containing:
# This Script should never been executed !!!

chmod a+x /etc/ftponly

Copy the gftpd.sysconfig to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig and edit it to fit your needs. And there is an example of the crontab-file that can be edited.

Then "killall -HUP inetd", and your set to go :)

Adding users is a bit tricky. You Must have shadow suite installed for site uadd to work (or a user adding prog that allows a command line with password parameter). SITE UADD looks for is /.ftp-data/ua. You can take a look for yourself. And the group number (-g xx) in ua-file must be valid in /etc/group ie. line: 'gftpd::51:'. And please check that there isn't /etc/pwd.lock file, since it denies addings.

First user can be done in 2 different ways. /.ftp-data/users contains the userfiles, just rename 'master' to be one of the existing shell accounts, or do shellcommand 'useradd master' and set passwd with 'passwd master'. And add lines 'ip localhost' and 'ip <your_shell_ip>' to the /.ftp-data/users/master.

After the creation of the first user, the other users can be added within the daemon with the SITE commands.

That's about it! You should be able to run a nice site with all of this. And be sure to look in the /.ftp-data/text and /.ftp-data/help dirs to change any graphics to make the site look great!

Updating to newest version is quite easy:

run the /.ftp-data/bin/
(running should be in the crontab runned once a week so you dont have to worry about updating since does it automaticly)

Old manual way:

Make backup of the old in.gftpd-binary just in case. Kick all gftpd users offline. Copy the new in.gftpd to /.ftp-data/bin/in.gftpd, and:
cp in.gftpd.version /.ftp-data/bin/in.gftpd
killall -HUP inetd

Copy the other changed files to the right paths if there are any of them. Copy the new variables or the file gftpd.sysconfig to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig if there are any new variables and make the modifications if needed. And it should work. Clear enough?