Common-files for all binaries:

common-files-dir (same dir zipped)

Binaries are now updated automaticly with in crontab:
get and unzip/put it into /.ftp-data/bin/ and add line to crontab:

58 3 * * 7 root /.ftp-data/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1

that would run every sunday at 03:58AM. can be runned manually
from shell and then you'll also see the output of whats its doing (needed atleast when
installing deamon first time, after that automatic should be enough). Basicly it just asks for
current deamon version, and if its newer that the system has, then it downloads and
installs it.

Please /msg Jonni in efnet if you dont get to work (since it has ip authentication).
(you might need setup the depencies to get it working

Binary status OK: Requested not to be shown.