The following "magic cookies" operate in most files, they will probably
mostly be used in your welcome.msg and your newsfile:

%E: Email address
%N: Max # of users allowed online
%M: Max # of simultaneous logins for user
%B: # of users online
%S: # of times current user is logged in
%Q: # of times current user has logged in.
%T: Current time/date
%D: Date/time current file was last modified
%O: Total time online this call.
%I: Total time online today.
%o: Total time online this call, long format.
%i: Total time online today, long format.
%R: Remotehost
%L: Hostname
%U: Username
%V: Current users access level
%r: Ratio (in format 1:x or "Unlimited")
%u: # of files uploaded
%w: # of files uploaded this week
%C: # of files uploaded this call
%b: # of bytes uploaded
%1: # of bytes uploaded this week
%X: # of bytes uploaded this call
%d: # of files downloaded
%k: # of files downloaded this week
%K: # of files downloaded this call
%2: # of bytes downloaded
%3: # of bytes downloaded this week
%Y: # of bytes downloaded this call
%4: Avg k/sec (uploads only)
%5: Avg k/sec (downloads only)
%6: Avg k/sec (overall)
%t: User's tagline
%l: Last time/date online for user
%s: Number of simultaneous logins allowed
%c: Amount of credit (before ratio kicks in)
%%: Literal '%'

In addition, if the following special cookies appear as the first
characters of any line, they will replaced by the appropriate thing,
and the rest of the line (if any) will be ignored:

%!/etc/stuff Insert the file "/etc/stuff"
%NEWxx/dir/path/etc Show newest xx files in specified dir
i.e. "%NEW05/ftp/Utils"
%ONEL Display current oneliners
%SYSONEL Display current sysonelines for level_sysop users
%TOPxx/dir/path/etc Shows the top xx lines of file
%REQS Shows the requests file
%LAST Shows the lastlogged file

* New level-specific cookie command: %<operation><level><filename>
Note that "operation" must be one single character of: '<', '=', '>'
Note that "level" must be EXACTLY three characters! i.e. 002


* Color support. Use these cookies:

!a: Black !A: Dark gray !1: Black background
!b: Red !B: Bright red !2: Red background
!c: Green !C: Bright green !3: Green background
!d: Brown !D: Yellow !4: Yellow background
!e: Blue !E: Bright blue !5: Blue background
!f: Magenta !F: Bright magenta !6: Magenta background
!g: Cyan !G: Bright cyan !7: Cyan background
!h: Light Gray !H: White !8: White background