3.23: (authors codebase / coming features)
I wont release mp3 feature untill I have fully tested it.
Changed: ID3checking is now much more informative and suited better even for mp3s
Changed: mp3fileid3 information handling
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/externalnuker
Added: SITE RMEMPTY [dirname|all] from currentpath
Added: SITE RMNUKED [dirname|all] from currentpath
Added: mysqld stuff

3.22 (290403)
Fixed: bintimelimit

3.21 (030203)
Fixed: bintimelimit Fixed: small bugs

3.20 (021202)
Fixed: bintimelimit

3.19 (290902)
Added: SSL/TLS support - http://www.ford-hutchinson.com/~fh-1-pfh/ftps-ext.html for more info about TLS protocol and clients
Added: SSL/TLS GFTPD HOWTO - To get any current ftp client to work with TLS go to http://tlswrap.sunsite.dk/
Added: -z flags for /etc/inetd.conf - check SSL/TLS HOWTO for more info
Added: security stuff, added blowfish+base64 protections to binary.

3.18 (290602)
Fixed: binatimelimit

3.17 (270402)
Fixed: bintimelimit

3.16 (270402)
Fixed: bintimelimit
Changed: noidenthost max number raised from 10 to 15.

3.15: (021201)
Fixed: df-command didnt beheave so good on NFS mounts, now it should be friendlier.
Fixed: due to changes in ftp-data/ua binary, (old one took password as cleartext) and the new one take crypted hash, there was a bug which added cleartext in shadow file(required passwd command to work).
Now its fixed so that daemon will directly give the hash to ua, and not cleartext as it did earlier.

3.14: (281001)
Changed: increased max number of alias_dir's from 10 to 20

3.13: (050901)
Changed: private and user groups limit raised to 60 each.

3.12: (290801)
Fixed: cd <newestnumber> vs cd # (realnumber)

3.11: (020701)
Fixed: bintimelimit

3.10: (280601)
Added: level_giveleech (gftpd.sysconfig) now you dont have to be root20 to give leech access (defaults 19)

3.09: (020601)
Fixed: you can now rmdir dirs with []-letters as well
Fixed: cd 3_dirname, now cd's to dirname and not to 3rd newest.

3.08: (010501)
bintimelimit + small changes in mp3 handling.

3.07: (230301)
Added: cd [1-9] to cd into newest 9 dirs, ie cd 1 will cd into newest dir on currentpath.

3.06: (100301)
Updated: bintimelimit for couple months.

3.05: (040201)
Fixed: newparse.sh had a bug handling errors in sfv check.
Fixed: new check had bug handling ()-letters.

3.04: (290101)
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/asfv
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/asfv.README
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/newchecker.sh
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/newchecker.README
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/disks
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/disks.c
Added: newgftpd_announce-dir under common-file/tcl
Added: newchecker [0|1] to gftpd.sysconfig to allow new asfv checking
Added: eggdroppid /pathto/pid.eggdrop to gftpd.sysconfig to enable mkdir announcer.

3.03: (200101)
Bintimelimit update.

3.02: (011200)
Fixed: small changes in locate code.

3.01: (201000)
Fixed: small changes in nuke, diskfree amd readme code.

3.00: (092000)
Added: prepath -variable to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig. If set then if denies SITE NEW command under that regexp path.

2.99: (081100)
Fixed: security increased on some fuctions according to wu-ftpd exploit advisery (exploit didnt work on gftpd,
but I still wanted to upgrade the code against possible hazards).

Added: SITE LLEVEL to list userlist sorted by userlevel
Fixed: rmdir [nukedir] now removes the files inside of subdirs too for level_nukedel users.
Added: sfvexceptionpath variable to gftpd.sysconfig (max 10 paths)
Added: support for bnc4all.

2.98: (062200)
Added: SSH bouncer doc to documents page.
Added: set_priv to gsysop commands to allow gsysop to add priv_group access to group members.

Updated: /.ftp-data/help/site.grpsysop for the set_priv
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/grouptop now shows top 10 instead of the top 8 earlier.
Changed: SITE MSG [*|groupname|username] * and groupname needs level_sysop access.

2.97: (051400)
Updated: /.ftp-data/bin/newdir.sh now supports datapath.
was not runned with with right uid.
Fixed: SITE NOTSINCE was showing delled users. Now it doesnt.

Fixed: a possible security releated bug now removed.
Fixed: Y2K bug in MDTM command now fixed even if MDTM is not part of RFC959.
Added: ALL variable added to SITE DELIP <#|ALL>. So you can del all IPs from user.

2.96: (050400)
Updated: added new Q&A's to faq.html page
Updated: updated the variables to operating_docs.html
Fixed: usedupedatabase was not matching any regexp on the whole line. Now does.
Changed: now locate & dupe matches max first100 entries.

potential error on site pre command fixed.
Added: touch /.ftp-data/lastlogged to commonfiles, since it was missing from basic install.

2.95: (040900)
Fixed: lame bug found in string handling function that caused .->_ conversion on filenames.

2.94: (040800)
Updated: /.ftp-data/ua to support datapath variable
Updated: common_files_040800.zip

Updated: client.zip now has the newest client.pl

Updated: /etc/gftpd.sysconfig for the new variables
Updated /.ftp-data/README.COOKIES
Updated: optimized some code segments to have common function for special string handling
Added: usedupedatabase [0|1] to gftpd.sysconfig for SITE DUPE to use /.ftp-data/dupe.database
(for people who want to use their own dupe.database binaries and not the automatic newdir.log)
Added: mkdirwarninglevel [0|1|2|3] to gftpd.sysconfig for automatic dirname checking on mkdir.
Added: /.ftp-data/logs/mkdirwarning.log for showing the found dupes for possible announcers.
Added: %SYSONEL cookie for showing the sysoneliners for level_sysop users.

2.93: (032600)
Added: SITE ZIPLIST filename.zip to list files inside of zipfile

Added: SITE NOTSINCE xx to list people who havent logged in xx days
Added: level_notsince to gftpd.sysconfig for SITE NOTSINCE command
Updated: noidenthost lines were forgotten in common-files gftpd.sysconfig
Updated: a typo in /etc/gftpd.sysconfig comment
Updated: example line missing in bouncer.conf-file
Updated: /.ftp-data/help/site.help.regular

2.92 (031600)
Fixed: now securebounce supports /.ftp-data/banner so that clients for get confused.
Fixed: SITE CHECK zipfile now doest run zipscipt again.

Fixed: now online nukees wont get kicked offline while beeing nuked.

2.91: (
Fixed: undupe fixed. Now works with wilcards and with plain name.
Fixed: miss-spelled deamon-words fixed to daemon.
Fixed: users in hideuser
s-file are now not shown for non-sysops in SITE WHO
Updated: optimized the source code and layout.

Updated: /.ftp-data/help/
Updated: /.ftp-data/help/site.help.regular
Updated: /.ftp-data/bin/gftpdsfv to support datapaths

Updated: /.ftp-data/bin/mp3fileid to support datapaths
Added: SITE CHECK filename.[zip|rar|mp3] for re-checking the crc.

2.90: (020100)
Changed: removed debugprints on del command

Fixed: cross-device pre was doing nested dirs if destination dir existed
Fixed: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpp recompiled against future y2k dates
Updated: /ftp-data/bin/client.pl

2.89: (012300)
Added: SITE TRAFIC [ALL/GROUPNAME] for showing week, month and alltime
transfer statistics.
Added: level_trafic (default 10) to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig for setting the access level.
Added: level_nukedel (default 19) to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig for setting the access level.
Added: SITE EMAIL for setting email so siteop can better contact users if needed.
Fixed: monthtops should now be resetted normally.
Changed: SITE LOCATE is now 10 times faster than before.
Changed: SITE DUPE now searches newdir.log and is faster than before.
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/parser.sh now has the locatedb included too.
Changed: rmdir -command now empties NUKED dirs if your level is > level_nukedel

2.88: ( 011700)
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/client.pl is a crontab script that automaticly upgrades to
newest gftpd version every week. Just add line to crontab:
10 4 * * 5 root /.ftp-data/bin/client.pl > /dev/null 2>&1
Command Can also be runned from shell for visual output.
Changed: removed some debugprints.
Fixed: updated /.ftp-data/bin/ftpwho
Fixed: updated /.ftp-data/grouptop now supports datapath variable
Fixed: site df works a bit better now
Fixed: lastlogged checking improved a bit
Fixed: added check agains illegal identmask on addip
Fixed: site df and sdf should work with nfs partitions too
Fixed: del command didnt handle stats right on some occasions
Fixed: dupedel function was not working right
Fixed: del command crashed sometimes

2.87: (120599)
Changed: site pre now supports moving dirs over different devices
Fixed: site undupe now really supports wildcards, like "site undupe rlsna*"
Added: one more security check so that userstat wont get accidentaly reseted
in multiple login situation.
Added: static mv-binary to /.ftp-data/bin (adds support for cross-device site pre)
Added: static df-binary to /.ftp-data/bin (adds support for site df)
Updated: dynamic grep-binary uptated to static one to /.ftp-data/bin
Updated: dynamic ls-binary uptated to static one to /.ftp-data/bin
Updated: mentioned file updated to common_files_120599.zip

2.86: (112999)
Fixed: now daemon supports datapath variable
Fixed: site pre now uses alias_dir right.
Fixed: nfo adder sometimes added non-nfo files to ftp-data/nfo dir

2.85: (111599)
Fixed: ncftp3.0 has small linebuffers. Shortened reply to nfo added to database
to avoid ncftp crashing on put -R.
Fixed: added dummy UTIME kludge command to avoid ncftp's bufferoverflow.
These are ncftp bugs, and should be fixed by ncftp authors.
Fixed: NLST now follows rfc959.

2.84: (111299)
Fixed: bug in ncftp3 didnt understand colored passive mode. Now fixed to work.
Fixed: groupratio sysoplog-line fixed.
Fixed: optimized and fixed numerous syntax bugs in the code.
Changed: -O added to /.ftp-data/bin/gftpdsfv-script
Changed: compiler is now gcc version 2.95.2 19990906 (prerelease). This should make
the code to be faster and more optimized.
Fixed: ls and dir command handlers totally rewritten, removed all loopholes.
Fixed: site nuke and unnuke had potential bufferoverflow.
Changed: pid-file has changed a little. ftpwho command might need upgrading.
Fixed: now the new ls commands support ncftp again.
Fixed: finally found the bufferoverflow that caused most of the errors in beta.
Added: noidenthost lines now support wildmasks, like 123.13.12. or 123.13.12.*
Fixed: bug fixed on site who and swho that crashed the session.
Updated: ftpwho and ftpghost commands now understand the new pid format -> common-files dir.
Added: "site purge" is now alias for "site uremove".
Added: "site sdf" shows df of "pwd" drive. Copy df to /.ftp-data/bin to enable command.
Added: "site df" shows df of all site drives. Non site partitions are not shown.

2.83: (101199)
Fixed: site swho showed path a bit wrong.
Fixed: mkdir now supports ncftp3 recursive mode.
Added: mkdir now gives refuse if some one does mkdir DirName, if Dirname already
exists, that way there wont be duplicant dirs of the same relase in diff case.
Added: comment to gftpd.sysconfig about require_sfv 2
Added: daemon now supports ncftp3 mput -R command for recursive mput.
Updated: /.ftp-date/help/site.help.regular for site view command.
Changed: welcome.msg example file layout improved.
Added: site llog now supports "site llog xx" to show last xx lines from login.log
Added: site slog now supports "site slog xx" to show last xx lines from sysop.log
Added: site spdlog now supports" site spdlog xx" to show last xx lines from speed.log
Added: sfv_excemption_for_privdir [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig

2.82: (091899)
Fixed: zipchecker didn't extract nfoes right.
Fixed: undupe wildcard was only removing first occurance. Now fixed to remove all.
Fixed: 2.81 had some wierd prob with bounce_host line.
Fixed: missingdir-script was not removing dirs right. Now fixed.
Fixed: ls command didnt check gpath. Now checks.
Fixed: .mpg files can now be upped without .sfv

2.811: (082099)
Fixed: nuke command was not working right.

2.81: (081099)
Changed: now reachout fxp works better with gftpd.
Changed: now site undupe supports wildcards, ie site undupe foobar*.zip
Fixed: bouncer binary now supports vhosts
Fixed: site gsysop passwd output
Fixed: now bounce_host lines also supports ip-notation
Fixed: missing-dirs under sfvcheck are now only removed after successfull upload.
Fixed: num_logins check didnt work everytime. Now fixed.
Added: SITE VERSION is an optional command for SITE VERS
Added: SITE RULES is an optional command for SITE RULE
Added: noidenthost -variable to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig, to skip the auth
checking for specific hosts (usefull on NAT-gateways)
Added: dirname is hidden in site swho ie shown as "/" while beeing in
group/predir for users that are not in group and level under 20-

2.80: (062999)
Fixed: site swho and ftpwho showed 0 as total online users, now fixed.
Fixed: grouptop now skips the default user
Fixed: site user counted default as active user, now skips
Fixed: actions in private dirs are now hidden as IDLE for non members
Fixed: site quiet toggle works again
Changed: pid-data still improved a bit
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpwho now works a little better and pid-data changes
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpghost now works with new pid-data

2.79 (060799)
Fixed: small bug in binIP-check.
Fixed: sfv missingdir output didnt handle well all the scecial characters.
Now there shouldnt be probs with <F6><E4><E5>'`-etc letters.
Added: /.ftp-data/logs/pre.log - a file that logs site pre commands.
strcat(cprelog, "%s %s %s %s %s", time, fromdir, todir, username, groupname );
Added: SITE VIEW textfile, so you can view nfo/txt/sfv/crc files on current dir.
Added: use_gftpdwtmp [0/1] to gftpd.sysconfig for moving gftpd entries from
/var/log/wtmp to /.ftp-data/logs/wtmp
Changed: pids-data improved for ftpwho and other sitecommands. Data includes ie.
upload and download kb/s showing.
Updated: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpwho now shows current dir and upload&download speeds.
Updated: /.ftp-date/bin/ftpghost to support new pid format.
Fixed: .m3u files now passes sfv-check.
Changed: SITE WHO now has different output (shows also kb/s).
Changed: site.who.top-file not used anymore
Changed: SITE SWHO now has different output (shows also kb/s and current path).

2.78: (051699)
Fixed: bug when nuking 2 times in a row now fixed.

2.77: (051299)
Fixed: All the bugs that came with 2.76 releated to bytes/nukes have
been now fixed.

2.76: (050999)
Fixed: found small restrict bug in dir command.
Fixed: now all credits adding/removing should work without errors,
ie online nuking etc.

2.75: (050499)
Changed: fake_welcome 0 gives "Gftpd (version %version) ready." and bannerfile
output is changed from 0 to fake_welcome 4. Be proud gftpd users and
change fake_welcome to 0 from your sites.
Updated: /etc/gftpd.sysconfig fake_welcome comments.
Added: site nuke now supports subdirs, so if releasedir has ie CD1 and CD2
subdirs, then site nuke releasedir will automaticly nuke those subdirs
as well.
Added: site unnuke now support subdirs.
Fixed: site unnuke didnt find right multiplier to unnuke so it used default 1.
Now it reads the right unnukemultiplier from nukelog. Unnukes were
logged to sysop.log -> now moved to where nuke logs goes.
Fixed: /.ftp-data/bin/gftpsfv had wrong exit codes on errors, now fixed.
Now sfv-checker is 2x faster than before, so please update the script.

2.74: (050399)
Fixed: SITE UREMOVE gave wrong output, but worked fine. Output now fixed.
Fixed: SITE LGRP and many other userlisting functions were broken. Now fixed.

2.73: (042999)
Added: Group ratios/credits. If group is using groupratio then all the members
in group share the credits between them ie. couriers can make credits
for rippers etc. So its the whole groups effort that counts.
Added: SITE ADDGROUPRATIO groupname [ratio initialcredits ratio1 credits1....]
Added: SITE DELGROUPRATIO groupname (level_addgroupratio)
Added: SITE LISTGROUPRATIO to list all active groupratios (level_addgroupratio)
Added: SITE ADDGROUP groupname description (level_sysop)
Added: SITE DELGROUP groupname (/.ftp-data/groups.user) (level_sysop)
Added: SITE UREMOVE username, to remove from userfile/passwd/shadow (level_udel)
Added: SITE NEWDIR xx, to show newest xx dirs created under the daemon.
Added: remove_null_files [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig to remove file if
its size is 0 bytes after the upload.
Added: level_addgroupratio to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig (default 15)
Added: require_del_before_remove [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig (def 0)
Changed: sfv1.0a -> sfv1.2p1 to /.ftp-data/bin/sfv
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/gftpdsfv to work with 1.2p1
Added: cp /usr/bin/grep /.ftp-data/bin
Added: cp /usr/bin/tail /.ftp-data/bin
Added: cp /usr/bin/cut /.ftp-data/bin
Added: cp /usr/sbin/userdel /.ftp-data/bin
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/newdir.sh
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.addip (syntax)
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.uadd (syntax)
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.help.regular (site gpm, gpm1[1-3], mup, mup[1-3],
site newdir, site invite)
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.help.sysop (site addip, uadd, addgroup, delgroup,
site addgroupratio, delgroupratio, listgroupratio, site uremove)
Changed: /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Fixed: uploadpath-deny showed restrict part of the path.
Parsed the restrict out, so it looks better.
Fixed: dir-removal code for command SITE NUKE works a bit better now.
Fixed: new users now have a bit better chmod.

2.72: (042099)
Fixed: fixed unnuke again, since 2.68 fix didnt work. Now works.

2.71: (041799)
Fixed: sfv-dirmaker still had couple more things to be fixed. It didnt handle well
the special characters like: '[] Now fixed.

2.70: (041499)
Fixed: sfv-dirmaker had couple bugs: wrong chmod and dirs were not removed
because some clients don't like []'s.

2.69: (041399)
Fixed: sfv-checker made dirs for nfoes also. Now fixed to only .r??, .m?? and .0??
Added: uploadpath variables to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig, allow uploads only to subdirs.
Will allow 10 uploadpath lines to sysconfig. ie: uploadpath /home/ftp/uploads
will give deny when someone does put zoo.zip to /home/ftp/uploads, but will
allow the put zoo.zip to /home/ftp/uploads/zoodir

2.68: (041199)
Changed: site uadd now supports adding ips directly in the same line ie:
site uadd username password foobar@ diudiu@
Changed: site addip now supports adding many ips directly in the same line:
site addip username foo@ bar@ yes@
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/parser.sh to be added to crontab and runned daily to make
/.ftp-data/logs/sysop.log logs only to have xx last days data and
/.ftp-data/logs/login.log logs only to have yy last days data.
Changed: /.ftp-data/cron is now /.ftp-data/cron.example with updated examples
Fixed: unnuke code had rare occuring bug that was fixed.
Fixed: now _[CRC_OK]_ is created after the files has been upped. Not before like
require_sfv 2 did on the version 2.67. Same thing to dir removal.
Fixed: glconverter.zip has now comments and added cpass2.pl script.

2.67: (040799)
Added: gftpd.sysconfig: require_sfv 2 parses .sfv file realtime and
generates missing-dirs and crc_ok-dir when all files has been upped.
Fixed: typo in gftpd.sysconfig. datapath variable is still needed.
just uncomment it if its commented out.
Fixed: contributed glconverter had couple bugs, fixed them.
Fixed: site user didnt show priv groups right. now fixed.

2.66: (032099)
Fixed: all pathlines were not working. fixed now.
Fixed: bouncer use was not working. now secure works.

2.65: (032099)
Fixed: security bug with bouncer use.
Fixed: typo in gftpd.sysconfig -> level_rename
Fixed: Now windows-clients don't freeze anymore, if FILE_ID.DIZ
-lineline ends with !-letter.
Added: Security features.
Added: nocreditspath -lines to gftpd.sysconfig. 10 lines max.
(feature not operational yet)
Added: security:[0/1] to bouncer.conf
Changed: new common-files/new_bouncer.zip
Added: securebounce [0/1/2] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: /.ftp-data/refusebouncepage -file for showing ie. webpage
for the masks that does not match userbases ip-list.
Added: alias_dir -lines max 10 in gftpd.sysconfig ie:
alias_dir utils=/site/incoming/utils
alias_dir games=/site/incoming/games
So cd games would go directly to games dir. Aliases
also used in SITE PRE command.
Added: /.ftp-data/refusebouncepage for example of securebounce 2.
Added: site pre sourcedir alias_dir

Old syntax still work also. in gftpd.sysconfig
Changed: bounce_host -lines max number is 5
(old syntax bounce_host & bounce_host2)
Changed: nobytespath1,2,3,4 can now be changed to plain
nobytespath -lines to gftpd.sysconfig. 10 lines max.
Changed: nodupepath1,2,3,4 can now be changes to plain
nodupepath -lines to gftpd.sysconfig. 10 lines max.
Changed: allownukepath1,2,3,4 can now be changes to plain
allownukepath -lines to gftpd.sysconfig. 10 lines max.

2.64: (030499)
Fixed: The stupid datebased bug that started 3.3.99.

2.63: (022099)
Fixed: Now ctrl chars are handled a bit better on uploads.
Added: glconverter.zip to common-files.

Updated: common-files now has new_bounce.zip for new bouncer code.

2.62: (021099)
Fixed: rename now works with absolutpaths.

2.61: (020999)
Fixed: mkdir command fixed a bit (now X. doesnt give illegal chars)
WWW-pages now support lynx.

2.60: (012599)
Added: "SITE INVITE ircnick" to invite nickname to sitechannel
Added: common-files/tcl/gftpd_invite/invite.sh
Added: common-files/tcl/gftpd_invite/scripts/siteinvite.tcl
Fixed: now ls command supports Midnight Commander

2.59: (012499)
Added: bounce_host2 added to gftpd.sysconfig

2.58 (012099)
Added: restart_log [0/1/2] to gftpd.sysconfig
(0=disabled, 1=all puts (default), 2=don't count permission denies)

2.57 (011899)
Fixed: sfv32 check didnt handle &`-letters well. Now should work.
Added: DEL command now has credit check, and fixed some code.
Added: restart_time_limit [secs] in /etc/gftpd.sysconfig

2.56 (011699)
Fixed: restarter stat wasnt updating. Now it does.

2.55: (011599)
Added: level_rename 2(default) for rename access to gftpd.sysconfig
Added: .mp3 -> FILE_ID.DIZ handler, that parses
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/mp3fileid
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/mp3info
Added: mp3fileid [0/1] enable automatic mp3idtag -> FILE_ID.DIZ convertor
(requires check_rar 3)
Fixed: Now uppings *.diz and *.nfo is handle better. Doesnt freeze on duplicates.
Updated: /.ftp-data/README.COOKIES
Added: timehostsallow [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: /.ftp-data/timehostsallow for timebased allowement of the upload-
dataconnetion (Means that sysadmin can limit upload access to certain
ips only for specific hours of the day. Passive/proxy ips included.)
Added: section support is now on DELE command also, so stats are updated right.
Fixed: restarter counter code changed totally. Should work now.
Fixed: []-letters are automaticly converted to ()-letters. Doesn't give errormessage
'invalid letters' anymore.

2.54 (010699)
Fixed: fake_welcome 1 now works.

2.53 (010599)
Added: Bouncer support. (riscbouncer variant).
Added: "bounce_host hostname.com" -variable to gftpd.sysconfig
(if hostname doesnt resolv then use ip)
Added: bounce.zip to common-files

2.52 (122198)
Fixed: Now dirnames with *NFO* and *DIZ* are credited right.

2.51 (121598))
Added: fake_welcome to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig so the sysops can more easily set the
daemon on port 21, since more and more providers are setting
firewalls to other ports than 21.
# 0=default
# 1=wu-ftpd %hostname FTP server (Version wu-2.4.2-academ[BETA-11](1....
# 2=war-ftpd %sitename WarFTPd 1.70.b01.04 (Aug 18 1998) Ready (C)opyright 199....

2.50 (120498)
Fixed: "dir /" hanged sometimes because chartables were not nulled
first time. Works now.

2.49: (112498)
Added: binary security features added.
Added: detect_pftp_stealth_mode [0,1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig. And add
detected text to tagline and comment field
Changed: site sysop username leechuser [0,1] didnt do anything, so it was
removed from that command.
Changed: level 10 now needed for chmod.
Chanded: nukedir now shows nukemessage also: NUKED_by_user_REASON:_msg
Fixed: mc should now work.
Fixed: Security bug in STAT.

2.48: (Latest Release 111898)
Fixed: Now filenames with ()-letters will not be refused by sfv32check.
Fixed: Now filenames with ()-letters will not be refused by zipcheck.
Fixed: Now filenames with ()-letters will not be refused by rarcheck.
Fixed: Site sysop fixed a bit.

2.47: (Latest Release 111798)
Fixed: "LIST -d " fixed again, now daemon does not hang on ncftp mget.

2.46: (111698)
Changed: Nuke message sizelimit changed to 19 chars.
Fixed: Online-users stats should update better.
Fixed: /.ftp-data/bin/grouptop

2.45: (111398)
Fixed: Monthtop now should work.
Fixed: 2.44 bytes_up_wk bug.

2.44: (111298)
Fixed: site gnfo bug that hanged it sometimes.
Fixed: site user had small bug.
Fixed: sfv chmod bug
Added: monthly tops
Changed: Nukemessage is now back on the same line
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpp - now also handles monthtops
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/grouptop - now also handles groupmonthtops
Changed: /.ftp-data/text/tops.alltime.up.top
Changed: /.ftp-data/text/tops.alltime.down.top
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.monthly.up.top
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.monthly.up.bottom
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.monthly.down.top
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.monthly.down.bottom
Added: /.ftp-data/text/grouptops.monthly.top
Added: /.ftp-data/text/grouptops.monthly.bottom
Added: /.ftp-data/text/nukes.today
Added: /.ftp-data/text/nukes.yesterday
Added: parsing of scandinavian letters on dirname to ASCII, and '´ -> ``
mkdir_auto_parse_to_null 1

2.43: (110898)
Fixed: ls-command bug on some clients

2.42: (110698)
Fixed: Couple security bugs fixed.
Fixed: Cd bug fixed.

2.41: (110698)
Changed: require_sfv -variable now checks if .sfv exists before the file is upped.
Saves bandwith.

2.40: (110698)
Changed: SITE GNFO now sorts the users to top list. Big var support.
(try command: SITE GNFO ALL for combined stats of all active users)
Changed: SITE DELGNFO now sorts the deleted users to top list. Big var support.
(try command: SITE DELGNFO ALL for combined stats of all deleted users)
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/groupnfo now prints big variables (100+ gigas).
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpp now handles big variables (100+ gigas).
Changed: SITE NUKE now acceps 60 character messageline. Changed output.
Changed: SITE UNNUKE now acceps 60 character messageline. Changed output.
Changed: /.ftp-data/text/nukes.bottom
Changed: /.ftp-data/text/nukes.today
Changed: /.ftp-data/text/nukes.yesterday
Added: joint_credits [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig if someone wants to enable users
to use credits on all sections. [feature untested but should work]
Added: mp3_check [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig to add .m*-mask to sfv32checker.
Added: mkdir_auto_convert_point [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig (dir "." -> "_").
Added: generic tcl newdir-announcer.
Fixed: SITE ONEL input now converts skandinavian letters (ÄÖÅäöå to AOAaoa),
so output does not go messed up.
Fixed: cd ../dirnname now works. Wildcards supported. Autoconvert checks.
(ie. cd ../di = cd ../di* -> ../dirname)
Fixed: bufferoverflow that caused 95% of ghosts found and fixed. Now ghost
should not appear.

2.39: (110398)
Changed: SITE SYSOP username -output is now a bit different
Added: comment-field (sysops eyes only) to userfile
Added: SITES SYSOP username COMMENT commentline
Added: added_by-field to userfile
Added: xferlog (general syntax: man xferlog) (default location /var/log/xferlog)
Added: xferlog_on-variable (default 0) to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: xferlogpath-variable (default /var/log) to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: require_sfv-variable (default 0) to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
(require sfv/crc-file to be upped before .r* && .0* files passes sfvcheck)
Added: autoconvert " " -> "_" on filenames.
Added: file_auto_convert_space-variable (default 1) to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Fixed: sfv32 checker routine.
Fixed: /.ftp-data/bin/sfv
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/gftpdsfv
Changed: /.ftp-data/byefiles/default.bye
Changed: /etc/gftpd.sysconfig

2.38: (110298)
Fixed: "LIST -d " now works again (bug came with 2.37).

2.37: (101998)
Fixed: Minor Security Bug
Added: SITE BDWK -> weektop of restarters/badfiles
Added: SITE BDALL -> alltop of restarters/badfiles
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.badweek.top
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.badweek.bottom
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.badall.top
Added: /.ftp-data/text/tops.badall.bottom
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.help.regular
Fixed: dir command now works a bit better. (mget -R)
Changed: /.ftp-data/bin/ftpp now supports badfiles/restartertop

2.36 (101198)
Fixed: Command parser now filters misstyped commands, and doesnt go mad.
Fixed: SITE SYSOP updates callerstats.
Fixed: SITE UNNUKE now updates stats better.
Fixed: SITE NUKE now updates stats better and doesnt send messages.
Fixed: Some other commands userupdates also.
Added: SITE SYSOP shows week_bad and all_bad variables also.
Added: week_bad and all_bad restarter/badzipcounter.

2.35: (100798)
Added: SITE QUIET command that toggles quietmode that hides msgpath output.

2.34: (100198)
Added: SITE NEW now counts also one sublevel of dirs (shows multi cd stats)

Added: weeklimit in kb for leechusers, check site sysop.
Added: level_give to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig for SITE GIVE level

Added: delete_nuke_if_big [0/1] to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: Dupe-check now checks .0* files also.
Added: SFV32-check now checks .0* files also.
Added: /.ftp-data/newdir.log for helping .tcl's
Added: SITE SYSOP now shows sections transfers also.
Fixed: dirs cant now be done outside restrict paths.
Fixed: SITE GFNO and SITE DELGNFO now supports sections.
Fixed: groupnfo shell command to work with sections.
Fixed: SITE NUKE/UNNUKE should now update credits better even with
online users. And informs the nukee of the nuke with msg.
Fixed: Section weektops now resets after the week is over.
Fixed: SITE USER now shows big trasfer stats right.
Changed: SITE UNNUKE dirs now has +x again.

Fixed: nodupepaths now works
Fixed: 3rd section now works
Fixed: ratio credit bug that came with sections

Fixed: SIZE now works on ncftp so mget now shows the bars right etc.
Fixed: now ncftp mget -R <dirname> works even on subdirs.
Fixed: 0-bytefiles are now not added to dupedatabase
Fixed: SITE GIVE output now works a bit better
Fixed: SITE NUKE was hanging when nuking stuff from non-gftpd accounts.
Fixed: SITE USER now doesnt show "default" user
Fixed: SITE KICK now works after SITE WHO command
Added: Cookie %LAST for showing the lastlogged file.
Added: nodupepath1, nodupepath3, nodupepath3, nodupepath4 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: check_rar 3 is now sfv32 check
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/sfv and /.ftp-data/bin/gftpdsfv
Changed: !NUKED-dirs are now without write rights.

Fixed: Cookie %Y.
Fixed: max_sysoneliners to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: max_lastlogged to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: SITE LASTLOGGED command
Added: /.ftp-data/text/site.lastlogged.top & bottom

Fixed: SITE SCHK is now a bit better.
Changed: SITE ONEL and SITE ONEL_SYSOP command layout now shows msg
time and it supports oneliners up to 125 characters (twoliners).
Changed: SITE REQUEST command layout now shows request time and supports

Added: Statistic commands for section support
Added: section support for showing creds and ratios on show_stats

Added: Section support to SITE NUKE command
Added: Section support to SITE UNNUKE command
Added: Section support to SITE SYSOP command
Added: Section support for ftpp command
Added: Section support for grouptop command
Added: SITE SCHK checking for sections also
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/help/site.help.regular
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/help/site.help.nuke
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/help/site.help.sysop
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/help/site.sysop
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/help/site.grpsysop
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/goodbye.msg
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/text/site.who.top
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/text/site.who.bottom
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/text/site.request.top
Added: color support for /.ftp-data/text/site.request.bottom
Added: color support for topmedals-script
Chanded: colors on /.ftp-data/text/site.onel.bottom

Fixed: SITE SCHK now informs about speed_fuckups users.
Added: default_ratio1 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: default_ratio2 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: default_ratio3 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: sectionpath1 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: sectionpath2 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: sectionpath2 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: sectionname1 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: sectionname2 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: sectionname2 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: free_ratio_amount1 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: free_ratio_amount2 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Added: free_ratio_amount3 to /etc/gftpd.sysconfig
Changed: userfiledata to hold section information.
Changed: SITE USER output now shows the 3 sections also.

Fixed: SITE NUKE to handle the non-userfile file-owners.

Added: .mp3-files are now also under dupechecking.
Added: SITE PASSWD &lt;<b>newpassword</b>&gt;.
Added: /.ftp-data/help/site.passwd
Added: /.ftp-data/bin/chpasswd
Added: SITE SYSOP &lt;<b>username</b>&gt; PASSWD &lt;<b>newpassword</b>&gt;
Added: SITE GSYSOP PASSWD &lt;<b>username</b>&gt; &lt;<b>newpassword</b>&gt;
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.grpsysop
Changed: /.ftp-data/help/site.help.regular

Changed: SITE MSG layout fixed a bit.
Changed: SITE SCHK layout fixed a bit.
Fixed: SITE LOCATE works again
Fixed: SITE USER shows all users now.

Fixed: SITE CLOSE <string> level checks doesnt
freeze anymore.
Fixed: SITE GIVE <username> won't freeze anymore.
Added: isdigit-check for nuke multiplier.
Added: SITE DELGNFO to have "ALL" variable
Added: SITE SYSOP <username> SPEED_FUCKUPS #
Added: SITE ONEL_SYSOP for sysop-user oneliners for
'level_sysop' users
- 'max_sysoneliners' to gftpd.sysconfig
- /.ftp-data/text/site.sysonel.top added
- /.ftp-data/text/site.sysonel.bottom added
- /.ftp-data/sysoneliners hold the data

Fixed: removed some bitching for ppl in friend flag.
Fixed: prosessing the .nfo's again to
/.ftp-data/nfo (SITE NFO).
Fixed: Storecode should have the right chmod now.
So 'storecode' 0 and 1 could be both working.
Added: gftpd.sysconfig, check_rar 2 = CRC32 check

Added: own ghost killing for normal users. By
logging with '!' in front of the login
name, you will kick all the user's logins
off the daemon. Ie. '!username', would
login as 'username' and would do site
kick the multiple 'username'-logins (ghosts).
Added: gftpd.sysconfig 'extract_nfo [0/1]' extract
the nfo's of upped zips. Extract now defaults
to 0 (1 in previous versions).
Added: gftpd.sysconfig 'storecode 1' for
experimental bugfixcode.

Added: 'mkdir_auto_convert_space' [0/1] to
gftpd.sysconfig (" "->"_") (1=activated(default),
0=disabled (if you want spaces on dirs))
Fixed weektops output.

Changed: Zip checking. unzip-binary now under
Added: Rar checking. binary = /.ftp-data/bin/unrar
Added: /etc/gftpd.sysconfig check_rar -variable 0/1
(0=disabled, 1=non solid rar-checking
(refuses solid rars))

Added: SITE SYSOP <user> FRIEND [0,1]
Fixed: SITE ONEL to work better with special
Added: AutoDeny when upping war-ftpd index-files.

Added: security features.
Added: speed check in kb/s.
(gftpd.sysconfig min_transfer_speed)
Added: 'schk_speed_fuckups' on gftpd.sysconfig.
Added: speed.log to /.ftp-data/logs/
Added: 'speed_fuckups' on userfile (for schk).
Added: friend-variable on userfile,
(excempt from schk, speedcheck etc.).
Added: SITE SPDLOG for sysop users. ('level_slog').

userfile: group_sysop <groupname> <max_users> <max_leechers>
Added: 'max_leechers' variable. Added max_leechers
conversion at load_userfile().
Added: SITE GSYSOP set_leech <username> <ON/OFF>
Fixed: SITE GSYSOP -commands to work.
Added: output to SITE UDEL.

Fixed: 'last logged on' and 'account created' in
SITE USER <name> and SITE SYSOP <name>
Added: automatch ' ' -> '_' on cwd to match
the mkdir autoconvert.

Fixed: SITE USER output.
Changed: /.ftp-data/text/msg.stats.

Added: mkdir autoconvert spaces on dirnames to '_'
Code moved to RCS version management to improve

Fixed: the connection hangup on file overwriting
permission deny.

Fixed: some cookies, like %Q, %S etc.
Fixed: SITE UNNUKE's credit-bug.

Added: automatic filename-change to lowercase to
avoid file000.zip -> FILE000.ZIP cheaters.
Filelocking still seems to happen on proxy-streams,
This version is debugging that.

Changed: timeout to 3600.
(can be changed with -t<secs>
flag in /etc/inetd.conf)
Removed: file locking.
Added: showing of credits in SITE USER command
Added: lääkkis_vosun_ihailu-feature. ;9

Added: some protection.
Fixed: something small and nice. ;)

Fixed: fxp freeze
Fixed: nfo root-bug
Fixed: weektops_older (still needs fixing).

Fixed: banchk, so the transfers would not be refused.

added: SITE OPEN
added: SITE CLOSE <reason>
- defaul reason: 'closed for maintenance'
- uses cf.datapath/closedaemon -file for
storing message

added: LEVEL_CLOSE to gftpd.sysconfig -default: 20
fixed: SITE NUKE's fileoutput
fixed: SITE UNNUKE's filechanges and dupechecday bug
fixed: some minor output's from daemon

new cookies:
%TOP10/filename - shows 10 (xx(2 digit))
lines of a file
%REQS - shows request file